14 Things You Need To Stop Doing For A Better Life

By | August 12, 2020

Life can’t be perfect, but you can definitely make it more better than before. Always remember that not everything comes to you in your hands. You have to work harder in order to achieve something. There are many things you need to stop doing for a better life.

Sometimes, you let some things to steal your happiness. Which is absolutely wrong! If you want to achieve your goal then you need to stop chasing for the things which are stopping you from picking up the right things. The change will not happen automatically, you have to make a change. Just say ‘I need to stop’ and remember this every day to stay motivated.

So, In this article, you will find 14 things you need to stop doing, things that are stopping you from achieving your goals, and also don’t miss the end for a motivational tip!

14 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now:

1. Stop Smoking Weeds:

Your mom was right, smoking joints kill your motivation in the short term. Now there are several studies that tell us that smoking weed is not at all good for your health and mind, but there is one particular Australian study, counts that it the detrimental to short term planning. Basically smoking weed affects your episodic memory which is responsible for your episodic foresight. This is the area in your brain that allows you to see in the future, and make plans for the future. And you must think about your personal level when you get high with your friends, what you do it for? Just to have chill, to do nothing, to relax and probably you just eat a lot. So, it will never fuel your motivation and will degrade your life.

2. Stop Being On Your Phone Too Much:

Being on your phone for a long period of time is just something everybody does, and even adults also do this. Before going to bed they spend three hours on their phone, swiping over the tabs, Instagram, and spending time a lot of time on their social media. Being on the phone for that long can damage your eyes because the phone screen emits a harmful blue light which affects your retina but more importantly tricks your brain into rational that it is still daylight outdoor. And after that, there is a doubt which comes in your mind and all people are also relatable with this thing.

Can being on your phone cause headaches?

So guess what the answer is YES, using a phone for long period can cause headaches because those harmful blue rays jacks-up your maternal levels, and it does not allow you to sleep at night and causes headaches.

Mentally strong people know that sleep is very crucial for them. The billionaires, and the people who are on top know that proper sleep is a very important thing to have the motivation, to have the creativity and to be able to function properly. So, if you will not stop using your phone habitually then it means you are messing up your sleep which makes your look drowsy and destroy your motivation.

3. Being Lazy:

Yes, this actually makes your life dull and kills your motivation because you are not doing anything, just sleeping all day is actually counted into it. Most of the people will think that if I rest all day, and so nothing, I have all this energy stored up inside of me that I will be able to use it up whenever I need it. The adverse effect actually happens when your body sees that you are not actually doing anything without that energy, it is just storing in your body as fat which makes you sluggish and makes you feel lethargic.

stop being lazy

4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others:

As soon as you start comparing yourself to someone, you start deflecting your motivation because you are comparing to someone who is already at their final stage, and you are just starting. Inversely when you stop comparing yourself to others then you will be more motto achieve your goals no matter how crazy they are!

Do you know why insecurities occurs? It is because we compare ourselves to others. So, if you do compare yourself to others then stop it right now. Be a flower who is next to another flower but still blooms. Not everyone are same. Everyone have different opinions and it is not at all bad. Be unique and be proud of who you are.

5. Stop Masturbating:

Masturbating is a killer of motivation mainly because your brain releases doper me, this is that feel-good sensation that you feel when you release or you ejaculate. That’s the same sensation you feel when you have sex with an actual woman. The thing is that your brain can’t distinguish between masturbation and having sex with the woman, it means that the feel-good chemical feels the same to it.

stop doing masturbation

The actual thing is that our brain can’t distinguish the efforts taken to achieve that feel-good sensation. In other words, masturbating takes a few seconds by just using your hands and on the other hand, going and building a relationship, and then sleeping with somebody is way more difficult.

So guess what your brain is going to do, it is going to take the path of release resistance, and it is going to force you to continue to masturbate every single day, and then you are no longer motivated to go out and engage with others and hopefully meet women.

6. Don’t Get Distracted Easily:

If you cannot start learning and practicing on how to focus on a subject or a project then you always going to feel behind because you are going to be distracted and putting your attention to the several streams, it is never going to allow you to achieve or finish anything. And that feeling of non-achievement is going to destroy your motivation and make you feel worst.

7. Stop Hanging Out With Losers:

This might be a little close to home because a lot of your friends might be losers. But it does not mean that they are not great people and are not kind, NO absolutely not. What we are talking about is that people are going to prevent you moving forward in life. If you want to be successful than you have to stop hanging out with losers, we know that they are cool, but you must look for people who motivates you at every step of your life.

stop hanging out with losers

8. Stop Talking Like A Kid:

Stop cursing, use your language and learn to talk without saying aaaa…., aaammm…, aaammm…like, etc. Stop saying these words in your conversation because when you speak with a lot of fooler words then it shows that you are not sure about what you are saying, and you look less confident. You must engage with people who are older than you and are more successful than you because they are going to be able to teach you a lot, and you can ask them questions regarding to your life problems.

stop talking like a kid

9. Procrastination:

Are you a procrastinator? And if you are, then you cannot be successful in your life. In your life, you have to do this which you don’t find necessarily pleasurable or fun for the bottom line. If you wanted to be a successful, happy, healthy, and handsome person than you have to do the hard work.

things you need to stop doing

10. Stop Thinking That You Are Invincible:

This is something that everybody does. Most of the people do super destructive dangerous things because they think that they are invincible. Guys, you have to wait for the reality check or to live the life that there are no consequences. And the reality is that we are all capable of getting seriously hurt or hurting somebody else or totally destroying our potential in our future. You have to be sure that you are safe and think things through as good as possible.

11. Stop Treating Your Body Poorly:

If you drink, if you do drugs and if you don’t do exercise then will absolutely ruin your life. If you do all these things and you still think that your body is healthier than my friend you will have to regret someday. So, if you don’t want to regret then you must stop treating your body poorly.

12. Stop Being Self-Centred:

When you are self-centred then you only look at how things impact you, you don’t worry about the great or good or everybody else. As soon as you will realize that the world revolves around you and when you start contributing to the world and help other people. The sooner you are going to be more confident.

13. Stop Doubting Yourself:

Not believing in yourself, not understanding your worth, and not understanding your value. Most of the people have to struggle with this problem. But the thing is that if you don’t believe in yourself if you don’t have confidence in you are as a person and your ability as an individual then you are going to achieve anything. Guys, you are beautiful, and you can achieve anything you want and your mind is so incredibly powerful just have faith in yourself.

14. Stop Wasting Time:

We all have the same amount of time, 24 hours a day. So, you must use it properly and try to learn more productive habits in your free time.

So, these are the 14 things you need to stop doing right now for a better life and if you these tips then we guarantee that you will come one step closer to have a successful life.

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If you are ready to do something great for yourself in your life or if you have start doing it then sooner or later you will definitely reach on the top if you didn’t given up and also people will think twice before challenging you.

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