Boring Relationship: How To Keep The Spark Alive?

By | August 5, 2020

Most people who have been in a relationship for so long or married for a long time would agree that at some point your relationship might become boring. But, no problem if it’s becoming a boring relationship because it is our duty to make it more fun again.

Try to keep the spark or reignite the spark because it’s never too late. Little conscious efforts can help you to re-invoke the fun and excitement to your boring relationship. If you’re wondering what to do so that your it doesn’t become a boring relationship, how can I make my relationship more exciting or how to make a boring relationship fun again, and reignite the lost spark then don’t worry. Read this article till the end, you will get all the answers of your questions and plus a bonus tip is waiting for you at the end.

10 Tips To Spice Up And Keep The Spark Alive In Your Boring Relationship:

1. Acknowledge that boring is a state of mind:

Relationships are not boring, we feel boring. So, from this day forward, from right now right here we are stating and proclaiming if you will that our relationship is awesome, our relationship is amazing, and our relationship is so interesting.

2. Try something new every single day:

You should make an interesting routine script every day. When you do this thing day in, day out, week in, week out, then you are very close to having an exciting relationship. Try something new every single day, this may mean trying new food, this may mean watching new crap comedy shows together, and enjoy the day with lots of happiness and laughter. And you can also try something that you are curious about and something that sounds interesting, it is an amazing way to break out the boring relationship stuff, and also at the same time it also enhances your world knowledge and life experience.

boring relationship

3. Touch More:

Whether It’s holding hands or hugging every single time you see a possible moment to squeeze a hug or a little touching can help you to keep the intimacy alive in your relationship. Human touch is a very powerful thing. So, you must back to hold off your partner’s belly, hold your partner’s hand, and overall you must touch more and this will help to kind of keep the romance or intimacy alive and help you to make your relationship healthy.

boring relationship

4. Leave each other little love notes:

Now, this is something that every romantic couple absolutely love doing, so writing little love notes for each other whether it’s something that you are slipping into a lunch box, or you can leave a love note on a dashboard of your man’s car or maybe you can keep the love note next to his keys or wherever you know that he is grabbing all his stuff before he leaves for the morning.

boring relationship

Love notes are better than text messages because text messages and emails have really taken overall that communication and also, it doesn’t show any efforts that you are making for your relationship to be romantic and sparkling. Writing something lovely words on paper and giving it to your partner was so romantic and if once you started doing that, then you will notice that your partner will also start doing efforts to bring that spark again into your love life.

5. Make a ritual for every single evening:

You must set a schedule for every single evening whether it is cooking dinner together, listening to 70s music, sitting down watching Netflix series every single night or maybe taking 5-10 minutes walk after dinner together every single night or even sitting down in bed before you guys go to sleep and asking each other that what was your highlight of the day.

boring relationship

It is very important to just kind wrap your day up together as a couple because your partner is the first person that you see every single morning when you wake up and also the last person that you kiss and hold and give a goodnight hug before you go to sleep. And it is really important for you to cherish these moments as much as you can.

6. Add Excitement:

If you are looking for a reason for your boredom then you are not going to find one that’s because boredom is the absence of excitement. Well to keep the boredom away you must need to add new activities in your life. Thinks of hobbies that you always wanted to try, doing new things together will get you to know each other better.

boring relationship

7. Add spice to your sex life:

Sex life is another great lay to pin back that spark. So to add more romance or spice in your sex life you must send your partner some sexy text messages, suggests your partner new positions, talk more about last sex experience and sometimes you should sleep naked with your partner. Even if you feel silly at the very least then it is going to be a very funny story for you to share.

8. Don’t Stop Dating:

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to stop dating each other. Make time once a week and go out for a dinner night or walk through the park or just go for a long drive.

9. Read Funny Relationship Quotes:

You must read funny relationship quotes whenever you get a free time and after reading that share it with your partner and discuss with her about the funny facts which also happened in your relationship that funny relationship quotes will help you to get more naughtiness and brings more fun in relationships.

10. Spend time with other couples:

Invest some of your time by hanging out with other couples. You will be able to know them, and can also share things with each other. It will definietly help you to kill the boring days of your relationship going on.

Bonus tip- Constantly Seek Self Improvement:

When you stop learning when you stop experiencing then you stop living. A Guy life is all about experiences and it is not done in front of a computer. Yes, you can be entertained but the real experiences, the real relationships are happening out there.

Real relationship experiences help you to be a good man or woman. Try new things, and constantly seek self-improvement. Gentleman if you do this thing then there is going to be a lot of things but boredom has to be not one of them.

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