40+ Clothing Tips You Must Know To Enhance Your Personality

By | August 8, 2020

Personality: We all have one but after reading this article you are going to have a better one. Our personality is our typical pattern of thinking, feeling, acting, communicating, and style. So the most important key term of this article is all about styling and clothing tips because it is the main thing which reflects your personality.

Now here is the question that comes to your mind that How can you enhance your personality or what are the ways to enhance your personality?

Your choice of clothes and outfits says a lot about your personality and some of the people who are least interactive with the style then this article will definitely help you to find your clothing style.

clothing tips

Everyone should know about clothing tips because clothing tips are an important part of fashion. Clothing is like self-expression of your overall personality. You are indirectly interpreting reality through your clothes.

Now, you must be thinking how can I make my clothes look more stylish? So, there are some clothing tips which matter if you want to enhance your personality.

46 Clothing Tips Which Will Help In Representing Yourself Perfectly And Enchace Your Personality:

1. Know your body shape:

First and the most important step is to know your body shape. When you know your body shape then it will be easy for you to know which type of dresses will give a spark to your body shape.

2. Avoid impulsive shopping:

Most of the girls have a habit of shopping impulsively at one time. But this should not be done because sometimes you end up getting those things which you really don’t need or which don’t flatter your body shape.

3. Tuck your shirts:

Tucking your shirts is a really good option. It automatically gives a professional style outlook of a person.

4. Avoid mixing too many colors:

Too many colors give a tacky appearance and if you want to upgrade your clothing sense then start by not mixing so many colors at the same time.

5. Balance your outfit:

It is the most important rule as compare to all the clothing tips. Balancing is a very important thing to be taken care of while dressing. If you are wearing something loose on the upper body then wear tight at the lower body and vice versa. Never wear loose on both upper and lower body.

6. Belts:

Keep broad and thin belts in your wardrobe. You can pair them with jeans and dresses and it adds an instant good look to your overall outfit.

7. Blazer and pants:

A right blazer and pants are a very good option to be worn at work. It gives a formal look yet keeping it classic.

8. Choose correct innerwear under white:

Always wear a nude spaghetti under white if you don’t want your innerwear to be seen.

9. Layer your clothes:

Layered clothes definitely give a cute look to your outfit. It will also keep you warm.

10. Enhance your best feature:

Highlight the best feature of your body. If it is your neck bone, eyes, or whatever. Show it flawlessly.

11. Oversized denim jackets:

Denim jackets can be paired with dresses, jeans-tops, and almost everything. Also, it never goes out of style. It always looks stylish paired with anything and gives you a voguish look.

12. Makeup but No makeup look:

Never go too high with your makeup for an everyday look. Keep it like a ‘Makeup but no makeup look’ and you will look decent yet stylish at the same time.

13. Never wear denim over denim:

Denim on denim is a big NO. Especially when they are of both shades. Lighter and darker can be paired but never wore both denim of the same shades.

14. Wear the right shoe:

Wearing inappropriate shoes will only make you uncomfortable. So, always wear shoes according to your comfort.

15. Plains are no boring:

Keep some plain tops in your wardrobe. They are not at all boring. You can style it with jackets, scarfs, and they are best if you love layering.

16. Add color of pop in your outfit:

By adding a color of pop to your outfit gives it a more fashionable look. If you are wearing black jeans and a jacket then wear a red top. It will turn out so good.

17. Print overprint:

Print overprint looks quite good if you know how to style them. Follow this ‘Match colors, not prints.’ Pair your upper with bottom if they have one contrasting color.

18. Wear Ironed clothes:

Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes. When you go out make sure your clothes a pressed and fresh looking.

19. Long boots and jeans:

Pairing long boots with jeans look so good. But always tuck in your jeans in your boots for a more intact look.

20. Casual wear:

Casual dresses are really good and they make you look stylish at the same time. You can have wrap dresses, knee-length dresses, flare, or maxi dresses and there are many options.

21. Have a good quality black leggings:

A good quality black leggings are so important to behave in your closet because there are some days when you don’t want to wear your jeans. So, leggings are a good replacement and can be styled in many ways.

22. Cuff your jeans:

Cuffing your jeans can make casual wear look smarter. Also, if you want everyone’s attention to your shoes then cuff it.

23. Avoid long socks with shoes:

Long socks with shoes don’t look good. So, wear shoe liner socks. They will give you a more attractive look.

24. Wear a watch:

Adding a classic pair of a watch to your casual wear, dresses, just make it look perfect.

25. Buy the right size:

Buying the right size of clothes is another basic tip which should be kept in mind while shopping. Always remember all brands have different sizes. So try it on and then buy it.

26. Avoid saggy jeans:

Sagging is a big NO. Nobody wants to see what type or color of underwear you are wearing.

27. High waist jeans with crop tops:

Pair your crop tops with high waisted jeans rather than low waisted jeans. By doing so, you will automatically see a huge difference.

28. Must have black clothing:

Black clothing is something that looks elegant, stylish, and classic all at the same time. You can always wear all black when you don’t know what to wear.

29. Avoid too much jewellery:

Follow a simple rule of wearing jewellery:
• Wear your earrings with a ring.
• Your necklace with a bracelet.

30. Avoid baggy jeans:

Baggy jeans don’t flatter your figure and also they make your legs more bigger than they actually are.

31. A big NO see-through leggings:

Avoid wearing leggings which are see-through. It doesn’t look attractive.

32. Wear color according to skin color:

You can also wear clothes which matches your skin tone. It will look alluring and also it flatters your skin tone.

33. Choose comfort over fashion trend:

Fashion trends come and go. But, the thing which matters the most is your comfort. Don’t wear clothes in which you are not comfortable.

34. Co-ordinates work well:

Match up your clothes and avoid overmatching. It will give you a unique look and it works very well if done properly.

35. Basic tops are must:

Everyone should have basic tops in their closet. They look cute and can be layered endlessly.

36. White shirts:

White shirts with blue or black jeans are a perfect pair to be worn to look great.

37. Stock up some scarfs:

Scarfs act as a fashion accessory and yes it can bring some spark to your dull and boring outfit.

38. One-statement piece:

A statement piece dress can be worn in many ways. You can style it simple, with an accessory, belt at the waist, and many more.

39. Know your style:

If you want to stand out in public then it is important to find your clothing style.

40. Choose the right size bra:

It is very important to wear a bra of correct size because it improves your posture and the most stylish bra will improve your outfit. It will also make you look slimmer.

41. Buy a quality bra:

You should buy a good quality bra at a reasonable price because it will last longer and provides more good posture to your upper body.

42. Vertical or horizontal clothing:

Choose vertical stripes if you want to lengthen your height.
Choose horizontal stripes if you want to look thinner.

43. A basic pair of sneakers:

You can’t wear high stilettos every day with your mini dresses or casual wear. So, having a good pair of basic sneakers will solve your problem. It just goes perfectly with dresses, casual wear, and even with lehengas.

44. Try Henley t-shirts:

If you want to add an attraction factor to your overall outfit then grab a henley t-shirt.

45. Be confident:

Always keep in mind choose those outfits in which you will feel confident. It will help you reflect a strong personality towards others.

46. Be yourself:

Don’t copy anyone because uniqueness is the best thing to wear.

Gentlemen unfortunately we were all born with dynamic radian and amazing engaging personality, but for whatever reason we just don’ t let it shine. The good is that if you embrace or adopt these 46 clothing tips in your life then you are well underway to personality perfection and definitely you will find your clothing style.

“Always remember use your personality to make a wonderful day for yourself and for others.”

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