Disadvantages Of Comparing Yourself To Others

By | August 27, 2020

Don’t compare yourself to others! We have seen so many people in our lives including ourselves staying demotivated, dejected, depressed, and all the other bad gestures because they compare themselves to other people, and there is no point or benefit of this. There are so many disadvantages of comparing yourself to others and one of them is toxicity. Constantly comparing yourself to others is not wise and produces so much toxicity or negativity in your mind.

Major drawbacks or disadvantages of comparing yourself to others are:

1. You won’t be able to focus on your goal.

2. Your sense of self will get harm and damaged.

3. You will feel bad about yourself.

4. Your precious energy and time will get wasted.

These are the 4 main disadvantages of comparing yourself to others which can actually ruin your mindset and can fill your mind with negative thoughts and toxicity.

Several years ago Theodore Roosevelt (he was an American statesman, politician, conservationist, naturalist, and writer) said that comparison is the thief of joy, and we 100% agreed with this statement.

We compare ourselves to other people and focus only on the positive qualities about them and on the other hand, we completely ignoring or dismissing all the negative unappealing heuristics.

stop comparing yourself to others

How do you stop comparing yourself to others or what are the best ways to stop comparing yourself to others? That’s the main question because it is really easy to compare yourself with others and really hard to ignore this thing.

By keeping all the disadvantages of comparing yourself to others in our mind, we are sharing with you the best tips on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

1. Limit Social Media:

It is the most important and hardest tip on the people’s point of view. Social media is one big fake lie, no one is sharing their crappy days, their real-life drama, and the fact that their marriage is on the fades, and whatever the case may be. But the real fact is that no one is sharing that kind of stuff or their life problems on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or any other social media platforms.

So, When you look or check out some other people’s social media account, and you think that it looks perfect, and then you start comparing your life with themselves and then you feel jealous by seeing their cool photos, achievements, and luxury life but the actual fact is that their account is not perfect though and it’ never perfect because in real life no one is perfect, and it is really hard to reconcile. So, instead of comparing yourself to others on social media, you must follow some productivity bloggers, motivational speakers, and pages that bring you joy and make you feel happy and motivated.

So, by settling these limits on social media will make you feel better about yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Change Your Routine:

So, if your routine right now is that we just talked a lot about social media but if it’s to get up and look at your Instagram, look at your email and look at your Facebook, these things are considered as a very bad morning routine regarding a productive mindset. So, you need to stop doing these things right now. Instead of doing these things you can have a coffee and sit outside in your garden and enjoy the view and sounds of nature, or you can also go for a walk. Nowadays due to the pandemic situation COVID-19, many people do their work from home and those people who are doing there work from home can easily follow this type of routine.

By just getting out of that existing routine that you feel like you’re getting stuck in. So, changing your routine can help you mix things up and can help stop comparing yourself to other people just by nature into your life.

3. Focus On Self-Care:

Self-love or self-care is a very important key factor. The person that we usually forget about caring for first, and the person that we usually put last is us and it is really important that you reconnect with self-care and understanding of the importance and setting aside all the guilt. There is no guilt in taking care of yourself because when you take care of yourself then you fill-up your bucket, and you have more to get everybody else.

So, fill up that bucket and take of yourself. Once you started doing self-care then you are naturally going to be happier and when you are happier then you are not going to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people.

4. Express Gratitude:

You must express gratitude, think about gratitude and meditate on gratitude, and talk about monsters in your head about gratitude.
For example: You must imagine that most of the world lives on $2 dollars a day and you should think that like, “okay most of the world lives on $2 dollars a day than I am doing pretty damn good.” And the person who compares himself with the upper-class people will get stuck in the trap of toxicity.

Let us make this point more clear by giving you our personal example:

We had a website in which we are posting blogs and in that we advise and help people to enhance their lifestyle and personality. And as we are in blogging career, so we have lots of competition in this line and the most popular website for which we are competing with is lifehack.org, this website is very much similar to our website’s niche and this website is running more than 5 million organic visitors per month, and as compared to this website our website drives only 3,000 organic visitors per month which is noting and seems small as compared to them.

stop comparing yourself to others
SOURCE: neilpatel.com

But if we go back to the concept of gratitude and thinking about that what we do have right now and keeping in mind the idea of most people lives on $2 dollars a day then we can get to a place where we feel much happier and satisfied.

So, you must compare yourself to the people who are lower than you. In this way, you will remain satisfied with your work and your life, and it also helps you to stop comparing yourself to other’s careers and work.

5. Compete With Yourself:

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, you must compare yourself to whom you were yesterday or who you were a year ago, and that can help you to stop comparing yourself to others.

So these are the 5 effective and meaningful tips which will help you to stop comparing yourself to others and you must keep in mind the disadvantages of comparing yourself to others, so that, you don’t do the same mistake as other people do and if your friend or any family member do compare himself to others them it is your duty to advise him and guide him or her with these 5 major tips.

Always remember that ‘a good personality takes place when comparison leaves off and happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself with others.’ So, stop comparing yourself by seeing other’s highlighted story, rather than start preparing one.

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