Gua Sha Body Massage Benefits And Side Effects

By | November 6, 2020
gua sha body massage benefits

Gua sha body massage benefits is an ancient technique used by chinese from over thousands of years to make the skin look younger than the age. Gua sha body massage benefits is a teachnique which basically involves scrapping of the skin. Gua sha body massage benefits is a very important and natural way to improve the condition of your skin and make it more smoother. Gua sha body massage benefits helps to improve the overall health of your skin.

Gua sha body massage benefits is an instant facelift technique at home. By performing gua sha massage technique you are going to see a lot of difference of your skin from before. So, read this article till the end as we have tried to provide you every information relating to Gua sha body massage benefits and many more.

Gua sha scrapping therapy:

Gua sha scrapping therapy is a technique which is used for removing the clogging or blockage in the tissue. It includes scraping of the skin with a tool which is smooth and not sharp, but is useful for bringing this blockage up to the surface of the skin so that it can easily be washed away by using  blood. It is a very effective body massage technique which is used to  address incurable or severe pain and rigidity in the body.

Gua sha facial massage teachnique:

gua sha body massage benefits

Gua sha facial massage technique is not new technique one of the oldest this is comes from China. Mostly this is used in China. For this one triangular shape instrument is used for massage.
gua sha is a technique that uses tools made from anything from bone to jade to stainless steel, which moves the muscle fashia, (substance that holds the muscle fibers together, Think of a piece of chicken, and the thin though tough covering). Facial Gua Sha massage uses, small ‘scraping’ tools to move the fashia of the facial muscles as well as cold surfaces to smooth the skin, and relax the muscles.

Gua sha body massage benefits for face:

There are 15 gua sha benefits for face mentioned below:

1. It will help you to Smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces sagging and loose skin.

2. It Balances your spiritual energy.

3. It is a good way to Reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye.

4. It Combat’s inflammation.

5. It will also help you to improve the appearance of any breakouts from your skin.

6. It Enhance’s circulation.

7. It will help you in Speedening up the healing.

8. You will be left tension free and free from muscle pain after this massage.

9. It encourage’s lymphatic drainage.

10. It will help you to boost up your metabolism

11. It helps to Heighten the confidence.

12. It will help you to keep your skin hydrated.

13. It will help you fight the acne as it improves your skin’s ability to get rid of or to remove dirt, sebum and pores that lead to acne on your skin.

14. It will leave you feeling relaxed and stressed out.

15. It will help you to sharpen your cheekbone and jawline area.

How to perform Gua sha massage yourself at home:

1. Tool:

Firstly you would be needing a tool to perform this massage and the tool name is ‘professional gua sha board’ which you can easily find on amazon but it is a bit expensive. So, I am also going to mention some of the substitutes of this tool so that everyone can easily perform Gua sha massage at home. Substitutes to perform this massage are china spoon, wood comb, or a smooth rock plate.

2. Oil:

You would be required to have a guasha oil or you just simply use any other massage oil. But, if you don’t have any one of them then chinese baijiu or alcohol can also work for the same.

3. Some useful techniques to keep in mind:

The basic way to perform this massage is to scrapping the place until you see the reddening on your skin. Gently scrape for about 5-10 times on the place where you want to perform the massage. Moving method should be as if you brush honey on your barbeque.

Try to keep the stone flat against your face. Remember that minimum is 5 times and maximum should be 10 times on each side for scrapping.

If you want to get more benefits then use gua sha especially on pressure points.

4. Places where you can perform Gua sha massage:

You can perform the gua sha massage on your forearms, thighs, face, and legs.

Remember that using a right technique to perform this massage is absolute important if you want to see good results rather than bad and you don’t end up with a mess.

Also, you will see the results just after using it for 2 or 3 times.

Some useful points to keep in mind while performing Gua sha massage:

1. Best time of the day to perform this massage is in the morning.

2. Avoid drinking wine or alcohol 3-4 hours beform doing gua sha massage.

3. You should never perform gua sha massage when you are on period, stomache place, or fractured places of your body.

4. After doing gua sha massage try to drink as much as hot water you can.

5. Don’t take shower till 7-8 hours after doing gua sha because you need to keep your body warm.

6. Red dots, green dots, or even black dots may appear on the place where you performed gua sha.

7. You will feel a pain during the start of gua sha massage.

8. You should never use this technique on active acne.

Is gua sha really effective?

If used in a correct way with a correct technique then yes gua sha will be really effective. Use this technique for about 2-3 times. You will be able to find out if this teachnique suits you or not. If not then stop using this technique because it will better to just not ruin your skin. As it is not important that if something worked on that person then it will work on you because everyone has different diet and skin type. So, do keep this in your mind.

Should I wash my face after gua sha?

No. Try not to wash your face upto 7-8 hours of performing gua sha body massage because you need to keep your body warm and to let your skin absorb all the nutrients from gua sha.

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