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anshul thakur

Anshul Kumar (Founder)

I am Anshul Thakur from India. I am a part time blogger and currently studying. I love to provide my thoughts and views to others for things that I know especially about fashion and styling.

Bhawni Bhardwaj (Co-Founder)

I am a student, and a part-time blogger, who loves writing and animals. I believe in ‘I can and I will.’ I am working hard for my dreams, so that they can become true in the future. I love to learn new things, and share it with people about fashion, personality development, things which are fascinating to know, and many more.

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

Absolute Personality welcomes you to its lively world, where we bring the latest fashion trends, travel on budget tips, beauty hacks, hair care tips, makeup tutorials, health and fitness tips, lifestyle and information on how to upgrade your personality. We bring quirky trends from the global music festivals, film festivals, and award shows. 

This fashion, health, fitness, beauty, travel, and lifestyle blog is taken care of by Anshul Thakur and Bhawni Bhardwaj.

We Love to Help People Feel Great about How They Look And Represent Themselves.

Mentally Strong People: Superior Things They Do

Mentally strong is not something that people are born with it. They adopt an attitude which makes them mentally strong.

Self-Care: Top 50 Ideas To Practice Self Love

In this world of social media, we generally forget about the self-care that we really need.

100 Cute Winter Outfit Ideas For 2020 And 2021

Cute winter outfit ideas for going out, With jeans, skirts, what is the latest winter fashion trend? And many more. We have 100 cute winter outfit ideas for you so go ahead and read on!


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