How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying About Everything

By | August 16, 2020

How to stop overthinking and worrying: Too much thinking can sometimes be bad for yourself. It can lead to depression and anxiety which is not at all good because you start to believe all those things which are not even 1% close to reality. Too much thinking can also destroy your relationships with your friends, relatives, and spouse. It occurs when a continuous array of thoughts are being created in your mind.

Some people have overthinking disorders as they try to stop thinking but they just can’t and they end up thinking more and more. People who have overthinking disorders create a problem that doesn’t actually exist. So, it is very important to know how to stop overthinking and worrying about things.

Too much thinking can have a bad impact on our mind’s comfortable and relax state. If you are also suffering from overthinking disorders then you will not deny the fact that too much thinking doesn’t let you sleep at night as you are thinking about so many things. But, don’t worry read this article till the end to know about how to stop overthinking and worrying about things. You will surely learn some good things and also some of your efforts will help you overcome the problem of overthinking.

Firstly, learn the difference between wrong and right thinking.

  • Right and wrong thinking:

Firstly keep this in mind that thinking is not a problem, but actually, it is good. The problem lies when you are able to find out what is right thinking and what is wrong thinking.

Right thinking is when you are absolutely clear about a particular situation. When you don’t have any doubts or any sorts of assumptions. It is not a problem because with the right thinking you can actually find out the solutions of your life.

Now, what is wrong thinking? Wrong thinking is when you are doubtful and you are troubled in a situation where you can’t find the way to come out of it.

  • So, how to find out what is wrong thinking and what is right thinking?

Thinking which is based on believes is wrong thinking and thinking which is based on reality is right thinking. Believes are based on what? Your illusions and where there is reality there is no need for any beliefs.

Follow the above statement and I am sure you will never follow the path of wrong thinking ever in your life.

Now, let us see what are the reasons for overthinking!

Reasons for overthinking:

1. When afraid of making the wrong decision:

Usually overthinking takes place when we are afraid of making a wrong decision. We think and think a lot about it which automatically results in overthinking and then the confusion of what to do? We get stuck over-analyzing a situation. So, we must not be afraid of making the wrong decision. We can’t be correct all the time, but what we can do is learn from that mistake.

2. Stress:

Stress can also lead to overthinking. Stress regarding money problems, relationships, health problems and etc results in overthinking.

3. You keep on reminding your embarrassing moments:

You overthink when you relive your embarrassing moments in your mind. You think that shouldn’t have happened or why did it happened basically you just keep on thinking about it. So, just don’t think about what happened in past, it is gone and can’t be changed. So, just leave it.

4. You spent most of your time worrying:

You tend to spend most of your time worrying about the things on which you have zero control over them. You just make some assumptions about the situation which will never happen and you miss the joy of the moment because you were wasting your time more on worrying than being happy.

8 Simple ways to stop overthinking and worrying or let’s just say the wrong thinker:

1. Awareness:

First and the most important thing is to be aware about the situation and then take your next step by thinking. If you will not make yourself properly aware of the situation, trust me you are going to be in a lot of confusion which ultimately leads to overthinking.

2. Don’t believe on said things:

Never believe on the things which are just said to you because it can be a false statement. I am not saying that the said things are always false, but first investigate thoroughly about the situation to see the reality.

3. Surround yourself in Happiness:

Distract your overthinking mind to being happy and most importantly positive. Go out for a movie, meet your friends, have family time, etc. All I mean to say is do such things which will help you to distract your mind from overthinking.

4. Stop being perfectionist:

Not everyone in this world is perfect. Everyone has flaws and we should accept that. There is nothing wrong with it. Always remember that progress is more important than being perfect. So, stop waiting for perfection right now in order to avoid overthinking.

5. Stop worrying about what will happen in the future:

We can’t predict our future. We don’t know what will happen after 1 sec, an hour or tomorrow. We can’t have our control over the future. So, don’t worry about things which you are not sure that it will happen or not.

6. Involve yourself in activities:

Involve yourself in some curriculum activities like gaming, dancing, singing, or any other thing that you love. It will help you to not give your mind the time to think about useless things or things which are negative. Just keep yourself busy.

7. Nothing is permanent:

Remember that nothing in this world is permanent. You have the worst days today but you will definitely have good days in the future. The only thing you have to do is be strong and have the courage to pass through the tough times. So, don’t waste your time thinking about things which are temporary.

8. Tire out your body:

Start to being active throughout the day and tire out your body. Remember that you overthink only when you have plenty of free time and if you will be active throughout the day then when you will lay down on your bed, you will automatically sleep without overthinking. So, consider doing some physical activities daily. Do some exercises, yoga that raises the heart rate and improves your health.

Always remember that ‘there is nothing in this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts.’ So, keep all these tips and tricks mentioned above in your mind. It will take some time, more or less but in the end, it will be benefitted to you only.

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