Lifestyle: How Indian Habits Are Different From Chinese Habits

By | July 14, 2020

What do you think of the Chinese and Indians habits? Are there any differences? Yes!  Both Indian and Chinese lifestyle are different. There are different habits which are followed by Chinese, not by Indians and vice versa.
Everybody wants a healthy lifestyle. So, every country follows their own habits to have a healthy and good lifestyle.

Every country has different traditions, habits, and customs. It varies dramatically within states. Living in a foreign country gets difficult because of the change in language, custom and habits as they are totally different from what you have been used to since your childhood. You get to experience new things in new place.

There are unique patterns of growth which makes it hard to find any similarity between their customs and traditions. Both countries are good in their own way. But here are some habits which they practice in their daily lifestyle.

As there are many habits of Chinese people which are very strange to explain, but here are some good habits which Chinese people follow and describes their lifestyle:

1. No tips:

It has not been usual or familiar to leave tips at restaurant in China. Tipping in china isn’t expected. It is not required to leave tips for waiters or services because, in some hotels, service charge is already included in the bill.


Sometimes giving tips in restaurant is even considered as rude or embarrassing.
If you  leave money on their table than the waiter will get confuse and may think that you have left your money by mistake and will return you. Not only in restaurant, but in all china establishments tipping is not required.

2. No shoes in the house:

Chinese people never wear their shoes inside there house for the hygiene reasons. They doesn’t like to wear the shoes when entering the house because a lot of amounts of dirt and bacteria are found on the shoes. It is like a common culture in Asian countries.


Also, When you enter someone’s house, taking your shoes off shows them that you care enough about them and to keep their house clean and hygiene. They keep a pair of separate slippers to wear at home.

3. Drink hot water:

Chinese people always drink hot and warm water for health and hygiene purposes. Drinking hot water in the morning helps them to give a kick start in the beginning of the day to the digestive system and soothe the digestive track. Also, it help in promoting blood circulation.


In china, people have it with their meals be it is hot summer or winter. Drinking hot water also helps to maintain a body temperature, and this is also one of the reasons that Chinese people drink hot water. It has become a custom, and also common in China, to drink hot or warm water. Also, they drink tea (chai) as hot water is also needed to prepare tea.
They believe that cold temperature is bad for their body.

4. Fruit served when visiting homes:
Chinese people always like to take some fruits while visiting somebody’s house. It is a great gesture for showing good manners.

Why do they prefer fruits?
Because fruits are healthy for the body. So to give there friends fruits show that they want them to keep a healthy and fit body.

5. No shower in the morning:

Chinese people like to take shower at night, so they don’t think that there is any need to take shower in the morning. It’s like a personal habit, and their own preference.
Also, they don’t even have deodorant products in china as they don’t use it.

6. Walk after meal:

This is a very good habit which Chinese people follow. They say that a small after a meal is good for us. This is also one of the reasons why Chinese people are fit and lean. It is the best way to boost your metabolism.


Walking after a meal gives many health beneficial which is why Chinese people prefer taking a walk even if it is small. It is one of the best and easiest way to have a healthy lifestyle. There is also a old proverb in China, that if you walk 100 steps after every meal, you will live a hundred years!

7. Always on time:

Many Chinese people prefer to be more punctual. They think that being on time shows respect for others. Chinese people show up a bit earlier to show their sincere and intense conviction. Being on time for your tour or at any other places shows respect for the guide, and for fellow other travelers.

Punctuality in China is always considered as behavior showing high moral standards.
Not every Chinese people are punctual but most of the Chinese people are very punctual, and very responsible.

Now, Let’s see some healthy and good lifestyle habits which is followed by India:

1. Namaste:

According to India, it is like a custom to say ‘Namaste’ because of the religious beliefs. It is like a sweet gesture to show when meeting somebody. India has many other languages, so not all Indians say Namaste but everyone in India understand namaste as greeting.

Namaste means ‘bowing to you’ which is like you are showing respect to other people. Indian people say Namaste to only those elders who need to be given higher level of respect. Those are the people whom they always treat with utmost regard, attentiveness, and seriousness.

2. Eating with hands:

All Indians eat with hands! Do Chapatis or roti are meant to be eaten with utensils? Obviously not, so every Indians use there hands to eat the food. Indian people like to enjoy the food in its entirety so when they eat food with hands than they can even feel and enjoy the texture.

In every cuisine there are many items which are inconvenient to eat with spoon and fork like can you use forks and knives when you eat pizza? Some people may use utensils, but mostly don’t they use there hands to dig into that tasty meal.

Eating with hands cannot be called gross as this is the most natural way of having food.

3. Treating guest as god:

Treating guest as a god is one of the essential part of India’s valuables. Indian tradition has also a pleasing quote- ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means Guest are god!

All Indians follow the path of Atithi Devo Bhava as Indians believes and follows the custom and tradition of serving their guest like god. They treat their guests in the best way possible according to the facilities available to them.

4. Eating together:

Most of the Indians love to eat dinner together with their family. It is a sign of showing love towards your family and also who doesn’t like to have some family time? It brings all the family together.

They believe that “Family that eats together, stays together.” They love to share their meals with families and even with friends.

5. Pray before eating:
In India, people pray before eating their food because as food is everything, so it is considered necessary to worship food on the based on beliefs of Hinduism.

In schools of India, teacher ask children to pray before eating the food. It is like an act of offering gratitude and blessing the food helps to change the energy in food. Once, you are done eating you thank god for giving the food that they just ate.

So these are the different habits of both the countries which they followed and also all of them have very good reasons behined them.

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