Proven Tips On How To Improve Communication Skills In The Workplace

By | September 15, 2020
how to improve communication skills

Self-confidence is like a superpower that you will wear. It really necessary in day to day life like when you go for an interview they will notice how fluently can you speak without getting worried in short they will check your confidence. It’s necessary to learn to communicate in both whether you opt for a job or you think of starting your own business and you will obviously do one of these things so that you can earn a living. So, the question is how to improve communication skills?

Most of the people don’t feel confident while speaking. Most of the introverts feel this kind of problem. Learning Communication skills for introverts is very necessary. I have seen many people that are comfortable with their own friend circle but are not able to say one line perfectly in an interview. Then what’s the result you get? Actually, you get no result because they don’t want to hire you. Good communication skills are very important. You need to learn how to communicate.

Now that you know that learning how to communicate effectively is very important, so check out this article till the end to know about some ways to improve your communication skills.

12 Ways on how to improve your communication skills:

1. Confidence:

You yourself will be in a position to gauge your confidence level whilst looking in the mirror. This will improve with time and practice. Again, if you have substantial awareness/knowledge regarding a topic you are likely to be confident because you know everything about it and you will not feel worried while talking or having a conversation with someone. Keep practicing and this shall help you to make your confidence more prominent.

2. Fluency:

Fluency is like one of the basis of having good communication skills. If you will speak fluently it will left a good impact on the listener. So, it’s very important for you to keep a check is your fluency. It is absolutely fine to stutter initially. This will improve with time and of course with practice.

A small tip that will help you is:
Always think in your native language, then collect your thoughts, structure them, and then shoot in a more humble manner. Don’t rush.

3. Speed and Pauses:

The third important thing that comes in improving communication skills is how quickly or slowly you speak, and the pauses you take in between your conversation. You have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t speak so fastly that the listener is unable to understand what you said. Also, you shouldn’t be so slow that the listener gets bored. So, it’s important to keep a check on your speed and pauses.

4. Pitch:

While we are having a conversation with someone, it is important to keep a balance on your voice pitch. It should neither be too high nor too low. Try to talk with someone to the level of pleasantness. No one likes a person who looks like he or she is shouting but for them, it’s talking, and neither people like mumbling.

5. Knowledge:

Any conversation you have with someone should make sense and also for good communication it is of vital importance that you should sound sensible. If you really want to improve your communication skills, then my friend you must stick to having a sensible conversation. Therefore you must widen your knowledge. You can do this by reading newspapers, watching movies or debates, reading knowledgable answers on quora or the topic you like on Quora, reading articles/blogs on social media, etc whichever you like.

6. Body Language and Gestures:

Always keep a careful watch about your body language, hand movements, facial expressions, the way you are standing. It’s very important. Why? You must have read a quote that, ‘actions speak louder than words.’ This is the reason why you should always keep a check on your body language and gestures while having a conversation with someone. They either give a positive and pleasant vibe or it will make you sound like an obnoxious person.

7. Vocabulary or Choosing the right word:

When you think that you have passed all the above six points then it is the time to work on your vocabulary. You should make sure to improve your vocabulary and yes to choose the right word while having a conversation. Essentially, by improving vocabulary I actually mean to move from simple words to a more appropriate word which correlates to the emotion or the meaning.

Eg: “The video contains an audio clip in which we can’t hear the person voice clearly due to network issues” can be replaced by, “The video is basically an audio clip of a person’s voice, which is chopped due to network issues.”

8. Start interacting a lot:

To improve your communication skills, you must communicate, as much as you can, and with as many people as you can. Participate in discussions, debates, and make small-talk with a lot of people every day in order to improve your communication skills. It will take out the fear of talking with a new person. Put your opinions confidently and do not shy away from talking. The more you talk, the more confident and better you will get at it. Identify your weaknesses with each conversation and overcome that in your next conversation.

9. Start reading a lot:

Reading will actually help you to improve your communication skills. If you will learn new words and their meanings. You can add them to your next conversation and it will have a good impact on the listener. Start spending more time every day on websites like Business Insider, Quora, etc. You can also install various apps from google or play store regarding news reports or books.

10. Watch a different series:

Start watching more of web series to not just get humorous, sarcastic, or arrogant, but they will also teach you about body language, new words, and gestures. I will suggest you watch suits and a prison break in order to improve your communication skills.

11. Talk to yourself in the mirror:

Stand in front of the mirror and talk. Notice your body language then find out your weakness and start overcoming it.
This will help quite a lot. You get to observe yourself.

12. Avoid these words in your conversation:

You will slowly progress as a speaker through deliberate and continuous practice. Practice will make you perfect. You can’t have good communication skills by just practicing it for a few days. It will take time but is better for your future. One thing that will help you surely is to consciously removing filler and crutch words such as:

• Um

• Ah

• Er

• You know

• Like

• I mean

• So (only when you are starting a sentence or line)

• Well

• Alright (only at beginning of a sentence or line)

• Long pauses (unintentional and in the middle of sentences. It’s big no!)

By eliminating the above, your sentences will definitely become concise.

Also, I would like to give you the advice that will work for you is that:

1. Start taking baby steps.

2. Greet people and initiate small talk.

3. Resort to texting if you are uncomfortable expressing yourself in person. Once you are comfortable, talk in person only in case of girl or boy not applicable in interviews.

4. Try to share the details of your day with your loved ones like your parents or partners.

5. Write down your thoughts in a diary.

6. Do not avoid confrontation to have a healthy conversation.

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