Self-Care: Top 50 Ideas To Practice Self Love

By | July 31, 2020

In this world of social media, we generally forget about the self-care that we really need. We get so busy in our today’s life that we forget that other than our work, our body also needs some attention and care. There are many self-care ideas that you can practice at home.

So, Start giving yourself the same care and attention that you give to others. Nobody is more important than yourself and no relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself. So, self-care must be everyone’s first priority.


So, read this article till the end, and you will learn everything about self-care. I hope this article will make you in love with yourself and you will feel encouraged and take out some time from your busy days for practicing self-care!

What is a Personal-care?

Personal or Self-care means a practice of taking an action by a person to maintain or improve yourself physically, mentally, etc. Self-care means adopting a mindset to make your health both physical and mental a priority! It is done to reduce anxiety, to boost up your mood and for one’s own well-being and happiness.
Treating yourself to what is good and right of your body and mind is what self-care means. So, start loving yourself and take good care of your body, skin, mind and everything.


Now, we should know about: What is NOT self-care?

• Self-care is not about forcing yourself to do something, just only because of the society.

• Self-care isn’t a selfish act.
The reason why self-care is not a selfish act because self-care is related to love and selfish is related to fear.

• Self-care is not about doing an activity to prove yourself to the society society.
Do what you love because self-care is all about being you, expressing yourself and taking some time out for yourself.

There are many valuable reasons why you should practice self-care. I have mentioned the most important reasons which I think would enough for you to realize how much self-care is important.

Reasons why you should practice Self-care:

1. To prevent mental illness and disorders.

2. To reduce anxiety and depression.

3. To improve your immunity and bring positivity in your mind.

4. To remind yourself that your needs are important.

5. It will encourage you to keep healthy relationship with your friends, family and most importantly with yourself.

6. It makes you more effective and energetic.

7. You push yourself more hard to become a better version of yourself.

8. It will help you manage your emotions like anger or sadness.

9. It gives you time to clear out things from your mind.

10. You will be able to live a more balanced and healthy life.

50 Self-Care Ideas Which You Can Practice At Home:

1. Get enough sleep:

Take sleep of about 7-8 hours daily. Not getting enough sleep will lead you to feel stressful all day long, and you will not feel like doing something. So, take good sleep if you want to do productive things in a day.

2. Do some exercise:

Indulge in some exercises and you will automatically feel good about yourself. Doing some exercise is also good for your body, and mind health.

3. Add some high protein snacks in your diet:

When it’s snack time, prefer high protein snacks like low-fat yogurt, eggs, etc over those junk snacks and don’t over eat. Listen to your body, and only eat when you actually feel hungry.

4. Prepare your favourite drink:

When you drink something which you love will automatically boost up your mood, and you feel good. So, take out some fruits from your refrigerators and prepare your drink!

5. Do something which you love:

If you will do something which you absolutely love then it will make you more engaged towards that activity. You will feel more productive, and it is fun doing what you love.

6. Take a shower:

You don’t want to feel bad, you want to feel fresh, and smell good when the day starts. So, take a shower after brushing your teeth and before breakfast. Do proper cleansing from head to toe. As, personal hygiene is really important, and it will also keep you healthy.

7. Take yourself to a date:

Nothing can be more good than enjoying your own company and gifting yourself a dinner or a movie date.

8. Dance to music:

Put on your headphones or earphones, start the music and just dance like a total mad person. Feel the music and just go with the flow.

9. Find a feel good movie or TV show:

Find a movie according to your choice that you think will make you feel good. Then turn on your TV, bring some popcorn, and watch it.

10. Focus on what you have done:

Pay attention to the things that you have done over a week. Become organized if you want to become a better version of yourself.

11. Socialize:

Socializing can be another great idea for self-care. Participate in social activities, become familiar with your staffs. You will feel more good about yourself.

12. Cuddle with pets:

Why you need a human to hug, if you have a pet? It will help you to relieve depression and to feel happier.

13. Turn off your phone:

For at least one day, say good-bye to your phone and say hello to yourself. Pay more attention to yourself than to your phone.

14. Massage:

Get some massage to make your body feel more relaxed and reduce stress.

15. Listen to the music you love:

Listen to the good music, and by this I mean avoid listening sad songs. They will only make you feel more depressed.

16. Be patient with yourself:

I would love to share a quote with you all ‘Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year.’ So, always remember that growth comes with patience. Don’t over work and don’t lose yourself.

17. Declutter:

If there will be less mess, there will be less stress. So, decluttering will give you more time to yourself and you will also feel energetic.

18. Give compliments:

Compliment others because it is free, and will make others happy.

19. Do some makeup:

Wear makeup to give yourself that extra pop of fun in the day!

20. Plan your vacation:

Start planning your future memories! Write the places where you want to go how and when.

21. Take a home spa:

Pamper your hair with home spa because the spa days are a necessity and who doesn’t want their hair to look gorgeous? No one.

22. Learn to say No often:

Even if it hurts somebody or not, just say NO if you have something more important work to do.

23. Help someone:

Helping other person will make you think that you have done something good for others and kindness doesn’t cost any money!

24. Never forget to Smile:

Your smile is the most precious thing. So, remember to wear it every day.

25. Know about yourself:

Know more about your interest because with the time going sometimes your taste and preferences might change. So, you should know about it and keep a note.

26. Wear your PJs:

Nothing can be more comfortable and relaxing than wearing your PJs. So, wear them while pampering yourself.

27. Drink more water:

Always have a bottle of water beside yourself and drink more water to have a more beautiful skin.

28. Set a time table:

Plan your week during self-care time. Write it down in your journal so that you not forget it.

29. Light up a candle:

If you want to smell good around you then light up your favorite scented candle. It will make you feel more good from inside.

30. Organise a family dinner:

Invite your family to a dinner night, it is far better than going late night parties with friends. Nothing is more relaxing than having your family beside you.

31. Invest in yourself:

Buy the things which you wanted from a really long time. You have only one life, you will feel really amazing doing something for yourself on your own.

32. Learn some cooking:

Nobody is a great cook. So, open cooking videos and try out making it.

33. Get some fresh air:

Sometimes it feels good and relaxing by going out and taking some fresh air.

34. Celebrate small wins:

Every great achievement always start with your small win. So, always feel happy about it and celebrate them.

35. Don’t criticize yourself:

Never criticize or doubt yourself, you are unique because if you will criticize yourself then you will never be able to perform with your full potential.

36. Make yourself laugh:

Watch some funny videos and laugh as it is very good for your health.

37. Say goodbye to negative people:

Always keep distance from negative people or energies because you can never expect a positive life if you will hang out with such people.

38. Practice forgiveness:

It will help you find peace in your life. It is not good for them but the best for you.

39. Don’t take everything so seriously:

When someone treats you poorly then never take it seriously because you will only be going to suffer.

40. Get some help:

If you really want to talk to someone then talk or share it with your real ones. Never keep it in your mind it will only become worse.

41. Do some meditation:

Quite your mind and let the negative thoughts go away from it.

42. Talk to someone you love:

Call the person who is really special for you. It will ultimately make you happy.

43. Set your aim:

Focus on what you want to achieve with a clear mind. Think about it and start working today.

44. Drink herbal tea:

Drinking herbal tea is an automatic solution to reduce stress from your life.

45. Get dressed up:

Wear your favorite clothes. Wearing nice dress makes you feel good.

46. Pamper your skin:

Pamper your skin with face mask. You will feel relaxed and enjoy.

47. Read motivational books:

When you read a good book, you dream with your open eyes, and also enhances your knowledge.

48. Buy some flowers for yourself:

Get some fresh bloom for yourself because you deserve beautiful things in your life.

49. Give yourself a manicure:

If your hair needs a spa then your nails also wants some attention. So, give yourself a manicure, and then paint your nails with your favorite color.

50. Order dessert:

Order and eat your favorite dessert to have a happy ending to your dinner.

Always remember YOU also matter! So, pause out your busy schedule once in a while and feel happy”.

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