Sense Of Humor boosting tips for better social interaction

By | July 10, 2020

Sense of humor! It is the ability to recognize humor or appreciate a joke. Now most of the individuals generally accepts that they have five primary senses which are sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. Most of the people possess these five main senses, but there is an interesting and more evasive sense which is the sense of humor, but the sense of humor is something that not everybody posses.

You met a person, you know a person, and you might be related to the person who lacks a sense of humor. But the problem with these people who don’t have a good sense of humor is that they don’t even notice that they are lacking the sixth sense. The truth or fact has been told that the sense of humor or a lot of times is in the eye of the beholder.

For example: if we say something that we think is funny so that the other person should be laughing, but when they don’t laugh, they make fun of you and advice you to gain, or have some sense of humor and at that time you think that this man didn’t know what actually sense of humor is! And you just let go that conversation. But the actual reality is that you the thing you said may not be funny or may be that person doesn’t appreciate your brand of humor.

So, if you want to improve your sense of humor, to be a socially interactive person and group influence then you just have to work on yourself and on your communication skills. Most importantly, if you are thinking of joining a counseling then please take my advice and don’t waste your money. Just follow the below mention 10 tips to improve your skills and to have a good sense of humor.

Benefits of having a good sense of drollness:

• Having a good sense of humor helps you to make connections with your peers, to getting your crush to like you.

• It helps you to survive in a social interaction and it will make you a more confident person.

• If you want to be famous in your group or friend circle then you must have a good sense of humor.

• Good sense of humor also helps you to make other people laugh and makes you a more engaging person.

10 tips to improve sense of humor for good social interaction:

1. Learn to laugh at yourself:

When you learn to start laughing at your own situations then other people will also begin to laugh with you. You must remember or try to find some of the most embarrassing moments from the past and learn to tell that moment to other person by making stories with the funny side. Each dramatic incident of your life will add an element of humor. This way you can create a lite environment around you and open yourself to humourous aspects of your life. Before applying this tip you just make sure that you must not include things that are too personal or make others feel uncomfortable.

sense of humor

2. Laugh at other people’s jokes:

A good sense of humor is all about being funny and witty. So being funny is also recognize in the humor of others. When your friends, family or peers are funny, if they are sharing a joke by laughing with you then you also laugh with more engaging gesture.

sense of humor

3. Know the latest buzz:

Having a good sense of humor is not only about being able to make other laugh but also about being able to understand witty jokes yourself. A relatively easy way engage humor is to keep up with the latest buzz and things that are trending. It simply includes the things which are trendy on social media, silly news stories, funny memes and funny English jokes. Being informed about what is trending will help you avoid full path, and when you find that everyone starring at you when you crack a joke about a current silly trend, this thing will motivate you.

sense of humor

4. Watch more stand-up comedy:

It is one of the best ways to increase your sense of humor is by immersing yourself in it. The more you actually observe, watch and laugh then the more you are going to stop, and picking up on the little new answers of life that are basically funny.

sense of humor

Have you ever watched a comedian? And he explains something that you have seen other people doing that same thing a thousand time, but the way he looks at it is different from the way most of the people look at it and it is hilarious. Then you realize that wow… I have never thought like this way. You must have also noticed that so many popular comedians are earning so much money by just making people laugh.

sense of humor

So, try this most important tip by picking up and basically immersing yourself in humor you are going to start notice thing in the outside world, and you are going to have a better understanding.

5. Mark humor in everyday life:

Creating original humor is about picking up incidence from your everyday life and giving them a unique funny twist. Observing everyday situations can be a simple as watching a passengers behavior travelling in a bus. You must notice the expressions they make and the kind of vibe they engage. Soon enough you will get in the habit of noticing things and plugging out to make a great, nice, and funny story which you can tell it to your friends, and you can also post it in the story of social media spaces.

sense of humor

6. Learn some simple jokes:

Even the best and top comedians write scripts before going live on the show, so there is nothing wrong to learn the jokes. The internet is the great resource to find the lots of things that will make you laugh. You can search funny memes and funny English jokes on the internet and try them out whenever they fit appropriate.

sense of humor

7. Manipulate situations with humor:

The art of getting out of any awkward situations with the funny lines is a part of having a good sense of humor. Sticky conversation in awkward situations are not the best place to be in. So the trick to overcome this problem is that you must think on your feet and say something funny without being offensive.

sense of humor

8. Be culturally open-minded:

Humor can be better understood by knowing the differences among various cultures, cities, and the lifestyles of people. Exposure to different cultures, different behaviors, their customs, their habits and common style will help you to draw the line between humors and things that are considered offensive.

9. Time your jokes:

Knowing when to say something! This is important as knowing what to say. It is highly situation, so the best way to find out is to learn from experience. Every time you say something funny and attempt to make someone laugh, notice the reaction and think that would it had been more funny if I had said it earlier or perhaps later. If you notice this thing and attempt the right way and time to say the joke, then it will definitely boost your sense of humor.

10. Don’t try too hard to be funny:

It is very important to develop a witty sense of humour before you deliver to attempt to crack one joke after another and don’t try too hard or your attempts may go boring. The key is that you should bring smile on the people’s face naturally whether doing it forcefully.

Regularly practising these tips to improve your sense of humor will fullfill you with the wit, sarcsm and everything, so you can make other laugh with you!

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