Toxic People You Must Avoid To Live A Fortunate Life 2020

By | July 22, 2020

We all are surrounded with toxic people in our life. If you will look back in past or in present there is one or two persons you will find you friend list toxic. They don’t realize that they are harming others. This is the situation which is damaging our sense of worth. These kinds of people are like leeches because the more happier you are the more they will want from you. They will always feel jealous of your achievements.

Don’t let these kinds of friends or toxic people enter into your life. They will only spread negativity in your life. Hard way or the easy way just stay away from them. Once you know which type of people are good for you and is worth your time, then this will never happen.

Dealing with the toxic peoples?

Don’t worry here is my list of the types of people you should avoid being friends with, or being good with them. This list will help you to become aware of the negative behaviors of people, so that, you can make good friends rather than having freindship whith toxic people who just don’t want you to succeed in life.

7 Types Of Toxic People That You Must Avoid:

1. Judge Mental:

Everyone has flaws and when someone points them out, it can help you improve yourself and also upgrade your thinking. However, you should be able to recognize the difference between a person who expresses their concerns honestly, and construct the matter and also uses your weakness as an opportunity to attack you.

toxic peoples

If you know someone who is quick to point out and criticize your mistakes but never seems to recognize your accomplishments these are the toxic people who are likely to eventually screw your life.

2. Envious:

That is so true that you can’t be friends with someone who wants your life. Even when something great happens to them or a great opportunity comes to them, they don’t derive any satisfaction from it.

toxic peoples

This is because they measure their fortune against other peoples, and let us face it just someone out there who is doing better. So, spending too much time with envious people can be very dangerous or harmful to your mental health because they teach you to trivialize your own accomplishments.
Observe and beware of the envious people!

3. Time-wasters:

Now time wasters come in many different forms, so you have to understand what kind of time wasters you are dealing with. Some people like to ramble on about nonsense and if they do then, you need to ask them to show the bottom line.

Some people like to talk about things that aren’t important like celebrity gossips or sports or anything just to waste time, so, you have to shut them down and ask them to get to the point so that you can get on with your business. Most of the time-wasters are completely unaware of time. They don’t know how to manage their own time due to this they try to waste other people’s time also.

toxic peoples

So, in this situation what you need to do is that kindly show them love and let them know that you also have some important things to do and you will get to them or meet them at another time!

4. Money Grabbers:

Money-grabbers are toxic people that you should completely avoid in your life. Money-grabbers are those people who run away when it’s time to pay the bill, people who keep on asking for things, people who just want to spend your money for their own selfishness.

Now how do you know who a money-grabber is or how to identify a money grabber?

Just ask yourself who grabs my money, am I buying things to the people to help them, or I am just buying it because you are asking me. A lot of times money grabbers ask you for the things that they actually don’t even need, and that’s how you know that you are dealing with a money-grabber.

5. Oversensitive:

People who come with so much emotional package, people who have ten thousand problems in their life are oversensitive people. Oversensitive people are going to be there in the world, but we have to understand that they should have no part in your life.

Now how do you know if someone is an oversensitive person?

Usually, you can also judge them by just noticing that it is a picky person or not. An oversensitive person is picky about their clothes, conversations, and they feel like they were always attacked by their friends. So, these people might be helpful in your life but try to spend less time with them, if you have something bigger to be accomplish.

6. Excuse Makers:

People like to come over with excuses all the time like, they are always hungry, they are always tired, they are always broke and millions of excuses, and they never want to take action because they want you to get caught up in their excuses.

We have also seen some successful people are also excuse-makers, so, you must understand that excuse makers come in all the different forms. When people make excuses then you must correct them or avoid them completely.

7. Jealous Haters:

Jealous haters are basically those people who want to get in your way or follow you. They really love you from inside, but they don’t know how to express it. Some haters try to devalue you and your image and say psychotic things about you, but what you have had to understand is that these people actually want to help you.

toxic peoples

I personally always believe that critics make you doing better and better but haters make you do it faster. So, don’t let these haters devalue your soul, you must understand that you are a child of God and you can do something special in your life.

Now you might be asking how do I know that someone is a hater?

Well usually if you tell them something good then they try to shut that conversation automatically, or they will try to overpower you or devalue you exactly what you are telling them. They try to limit your accomplishments and make you feel that you are not doing enough. So, you must avoid or stay away from these toxic people.

So, these are the 7 main toxic people from whom you have to stay away or avoid them in your life. You must stay connected with the people who have positive thinking and have a good nature. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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